Wholemeal Fine Ground


 Perfect for a range of delicious breads and

scones, May be combined with other flours

for a finer textured loaf.



Wholemeal Extra Course


Wholesome, nutty and coarse grained.

Exceptional in traditional soda bread recipes.






Ancesteral to modern wheat and containing

essential amino acids, B Vitamins and dietary

fibre, spelt is low in gluten and more easily

digestible for those with a wheat intolerance.

It is not suitable for coeliacs.




Rye is low in gluten and suitable for

traditional sourdough and mixed

recipes. It has a unique wholesome

natural flavour.




Organic Plain Sifted Wheat

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Organic Plain Sifted Spelt

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Organic Plain Sifted Wheat


Unbleached, plain, sifted stone ground wheat flour.

A soft cream flour producing a light golden crumb. This flour is great

for pastry and yeast breads.

Bran free and very fine.

Organic Plain, Sifted, Stone Ground Spelt


Low in gluten with a silky soft consistency, this unbleached

cream flour can be used for yeast bread

recipes, biscuits, muffins and pastries. Fine, light and bran free.




 Organic Spelt Berries


Natural Spelt Berries

Delicious cooked and combined with a variety of

fresh vegetables and a dressing to make a tasty

nutritious salad, full of essential amino acids

and vitamins.


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