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Organic Natural Spelt Berries

High in B Vitamins and amino acids, spelt berries gently simmered can be used to make delicious salads and risottos.

Crunchy, fresh and nutritious! 100% Irish grown, harvest and milled at Dunany Farm in County Louth. 

Our Spelt seeds are sources near Munich, Germany which is where the varieties of Spelt, which are an ancient form of wheat, survived in the borderlands between Wouthern Germany and Switzerland for thousands of years. The Romans are alleged to have marched on spelt because of it's butritious energy giving qualities and ease of digestion. Spelt is a very hardy pant and grows well in the Irish climate, however, it's very difficult to thresh the seed from the husk and requires specific de-hulling and cleaning machines which prepare the grains to a millable quality for both flour and berries. Andrew and their son Matthew spend a large part of the post harvest moths working in the mill, cleaning, gravity separating and de-hulling ready for the year ahead. When it comes to cooking, Dunany Farm Organic, spelt grains can be used in a variety of ways after simmering for 45-60 minutes. High in fibre and B Vitamins, low in gluten, rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids, spelt berries retain their texture beautifully and can be combined in hot or cold dishes e.g. salads, risotto's or toasted as an addtion to cruncy bread toppings. Spelt berries take up combinations of flabours easily to provide a staty nutritious lunch or light supper dish. See enclosed recipe by Tara Walker of the well known East Coast Cookery School, Termonfeckin, Co. Louth and Dunany Natural Spelt Berry recipe developed by Leonie on the back of the packs.